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Studio6 offers its State-of-the-art photography studio to both hobbyists and professionals, equipped with some of the best equipment in the industry. If you are looking for beautiful shooting space and studio set, you need not look further. Feast your eyes upon your final destination.

A sprawling 3800 sq. ft. unit attached to an editing studio on the ground floor, right on the main road with all the equipment you need, what more could a photographer ask for?

Space: 3800 sq. ft enhanced with editing studio. 
Location: Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore. 
Accessibility: You can’t miss it. It’s right on the main road.
Accessories: Extension Boards, Coloured Transparent sheets, White cubes, Ladders. 
Background: White
Internet: High Speed Wi-fi
Air-conditioning: Fully air-conditioned studio.

The specifications of the studio -
Floor-1 - 26/44 ft
Height 16 ft
Floor-2 - 26/32 ft
Height 16 ft

Seperate Dressing room & Make-Up Room.

Here are the equipment as follows.
Elinchrom Lights with Softboxes.

Equipment for Rent:
Camera and Lenses
Broncolor Lights

Garment Care: Garment steamer, Ironing Board, Steam Iron, Clothing Rail, Hangers. 
Opening Timings: Open for hire on all days of the week with flexible timings from 8am to 8pm. 

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